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  1. […] tenemos las novedades de febrero de Customeeple, algunas muy interesantes e incluso algun […]

  2. […] recently received my Customeeple camo silhouettes for both my Combined Army and Nomads. Infinity is a very visual game, with […]

  3. […] Customeeple have come out with a grand terrain piece for Infinity, an ornate, scifi cathedral that provides the perfect campaign centre piece for Pan Oceana’s holy knights. […]

  4. […] also brought Ariadna camo Silhouettes and LoS Silhouettes as my own Christmas treat from Customeeple, as there was free postage on Christmas day. If you have not seen their Infinity accessory and […]

  5. […] los dibujines “oficiales” que proporciona Crovus Belli). Aunque hay otras empresas como Customeeple que tiene tokens muy interesantes, y seguro que hay algunas otras que deben de andar por internet […]

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