Greek Base tops

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Thin decorations to make  custom bases for Star Wars Legion or Imperial assault 


Usually, the size of the base of a miniature is different than the top of the base size, for example, a 25mm base from wh40k has 23mm on its basetop, so if you are unsure of what you need, you can check the size correlation from base to basetop here

These new classical Greek-themed bases are a perfect addition to your miniature collection, adding a touch of elegance and authenticity to your miniatures inspired by ancient Greece. The intricate and realistic marble-like designs will transport you directly to the classical era, bringing your miniatures to life like never before.

Made from high-quality HDF sheets, these bases are both durable and visually stunning. The use of MDF to make steps also adds an extra layer of dynamism to your miniature poses, making them look more realistic and engaging.

it’s important to note that the size variations listed for these bases refer to the size of the base top, rather than the size of the overall base. For example, a Warhammer 40K/Blood Bowl 32mm base uses a 29mm base top, so it’s important to choose the base top that fits your base accordingly.

These bases can be used in a wide range of games and would be perfect for an Ultramarine Kill Team, a Myrmidon Infinity Army, or even a Greek-themed Amazon Blood Bowl team. Their versatile design makes them ideal for a variety of tabletop games, adding an extra layer of detail and authenticity to your gaming experience.

Overall, these classical Greek-themed bases are a must-have for any miniature collector or tabletop gamer looking to add an extra layer of detail and authenticity to their gaming experience.

Material: High-density cardboard and MDF

Thickness: 0,32 mm and 2,5mm

Size: Varies.

Quantity: 2 or 5 Bases and decoration.

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Weight 5 g
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