Infinity Display Tray + Bases (Military orders)


Display tray for your  Infinity the game  miniatures

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A perfect match for your Infinity Armies. Our display Tray let you keep organized your miniatures while not in play putting them on a perfect environment. Each tray has spaces perfect to feet  the bases for miniatures and is etched with a Military Orders decoration similar to our bases, you can choose any of the logos of the Military Orders.

The tray grab the miniatures tightly to prevent them from falling while moving it, making it perfect to use in tournaments keeping your Dead miniatures and helping to move you army list easily from table to table.

The tray also  is cut in Etched MDF bases that will match the background and spaces from the tray.  so your army is perfectly blended with the it.

You can buy the tray with with different army storage configurations:

  • Model A space for 22 “25mm” bases and 1 “40mm” bases
  • Model B space for 21 “25mm” bases and 2 “40mm” bases
  • Model C space for 19 “25mm” bases and 4 “40mm” bases
  • Model D space for 17 “25mm” bases and 6 “40mm” bases
  • Model E Space for 15 “25mm” 2 “40mm” and 3 “55mm” bases
  • Model F Space for 18 “25mm” 2 “40mm” and 2 “55mm” bases
  • Model G Space for 21 “25mm” 1 “40mm” and 1 “55mm” bases
  • Model H Space for 17 “25mm” and 2 “55mm” bases

Note: If you need another base configuration for your personal army just contact us and we see what we can do

All the pieces are designed in collaboration with Corvus Belli to be fully compatible with Infinity the game.

Notice that the product is sold unmounted and unpainted. The photos are only suggestions, you can add the extras as you want.


Material: MDF

Thickness: 8,5 mm (DM of 2,5  and 3 mm)

Size: 21 x 17 cm

Quantity: One display tray and etched bases with add-ons

Use: As scenery pieces or as background for your miniatures showcase.


Note: Miniatures not included. The product is sold unmounted and unpainted. The photos only are suggestions, the fluorescent methacrylate sticks that appear on the picture sold separately:


Additional information

Weight 240 g

Military Orders, Knights of Santiago, Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, Hospitaller Knights, Teutonic Knights, Knights of Montesa


Model A (22/1/0), Model B (21/2/0), Model C (19/4/0), Model D (17/6/0), Model E (15/2/3), Model F (18/2/2), Model G (21/1/1), Model H (17/0/2)

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