Infinity Control Panel (Wood)

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Lid Customization

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Looking for the perfect way to manage your Infinity Armies? Look no further than our Infinity Control panel. Made of deluxe oak veneer, this tool gives you complete command over every aspect of your army.

Our panel now features dedicated spaces for tracking turns, points, orders, command tokens, and 2 Lieutenant Orders, making it even more versatile for your games. Plus, the removable pieces can be set in two positions to indicate whether they’re ready or spent.

You can also purchase our optional acrylic lid for added convenience and personalization. you could personalize THE LID with your Nick and favorite Infinity logo or even a custom. The lid uses magnets to cling to the control panel so you can easily remove it.

Designed in collaboration with Corvus Belli, all of the pieces in our panel are fully compatible with Infinity the game. And the best part? The product comes fully assembled and ready to use!

Material: oak veneer

Thickness: 0,8 cm

Size: 21,2 x 17,5 cm

Quantity: One Control Panel

Use: Take control of your Infinity Army

Note: Orders and Command tokens are not included.

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Weight 480 g