Space fight playmat (36×36 inch- 91,4cmx91,4cm)


Playmat with the image of a galaxy, perfect for a space combat game like X-Wing, Cosmic encounter or Battlefleet Gothic,

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This is a playmat with the image of different Galaxies it can be used as a perfect environment for your favourite space battle game. You can choose among 2 different designs.

The playmat is made of an outdoor banner and a very flexible and portable material. The same that is used for the exterior ad banners.

We think this is a fantastic addition to any space battle game, such as X-Wing, Cosmic Encounter or Battlefleet Gothic, it makes the game more immersive and improves the overall experience.

Material: Outdoor banner

Size: 36×36 inch – 91,4cmx91,4cm

Quantity: 1

Use X-WingBattlefleet Gothic or other space games.

Avaliable Designs: A: Galaxy Light, B: Dark Nova.

*X-Wing and Cosmic Encounter are games published by Fantasy Flight,  Customeeple is not affiliated with this company and does not endorse these products.

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Weight 645 g

Design A, Design B, Design C, Design D


*X-Wing is a game published by fantasyflight, Customeeple is not affiliated with this company and this product is not endorsed by them.