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playmat updated Gaining Grounds Season4

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Introducing our exclusive Malifaux play mat, where you have the power to choose your battlefield ambience.

Select from a range of immersive designs, each tailored to enhance your gaming experience:

  • Malifaux Street: Masters like Lady Justice, a relentless enforcer of justice, might be at home on the bustling streets of Malifaux, where crime and corruption are rampant.
  • Malifaux Street by Night: Characters such as Lucius Mattheson, the Guild’s Mastermind, could thrive in the shadows, orchestrating intricate schemes under the cover of darkness.
  • Desert: The Guild’s Perdita Ortega, a sharpshooter with a fiery temper, might find herself comfortable in the harsh, unforgiving desert environment, mirroring her tough and resilient nature.
  • Magma: Sonnia Criid, the Pyromaniac Witch Hunter of the Guild, finds her element in the intense heat and raw power of magma. With her mastery over fire, she commands the blazing infernos and scorching landscapes, making her a formidable force in the magma-filled battlegrounds.
  • Snow: Rasputina, the Ice Queen of the Arcanists, reigns supreme in the snowy expanses. With her mastery over ice and cold, she commands the frosty winds and freezing landscapes, making her a formidable force in the snow-covered battlegrounds.
  • Grass: The Ten Thunders master Misaki Katanaka, known for her swift and stealthy tactics, could find her element in the lush grasslands, utilizing the natural terrain to her advantage.
  • Wastelands: Nekima, the leader of the Dark Nephilim, rises powerfully in the desolate wastelands. Her savage strength and dark magic make her an unstoppable force in this twisted and chaotic terrain, where her nefarious plans can unfold unchecked.

Not only can you choose your desired design, but you can also explore the rich lore of Malifaux by linking specific masters to these environments. Dive deeper into the narratives and strategies of your favourite characters as you battle on grounds that resonate with their stories.

Handcrafted from top-tier PVC, our play mats guarantee exceptional durability and offer a flawlessly smooth surface for your gaming escapades. At a convenient 36×36 inches, these mats elevate your gameplay experience. Each one is meticulously detailed with marked lines, aligning perfectly with all deployments and the setups of the current Gaining Grounds Season 4, knowing exactly where the schemes and strategy markers need to be placed.

Support our eco-friendly initiatives by choosing Customeeple, where gaming mats are produced locally to minimize environmental impact, as we produce on demand close to you.

Choose your battleground and let the games begin. Elevate your Malifaux experience with Customeeple’s diverse range of thematic play mats.

Material: PVC

Production: 1-3 weeks

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