Galaxy Vynil playmat (62cmx64cm)


Play mat with the image of a spiral star,  it has a hex grid perfect for Eclipse 

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This is a play mat with the image of a galaxy, It has a hex grid which may be used to improve all the space games experiences. The grid makes easier the hexagon tiles placement. you can choose between 2 different designs.
Our playmat stands out for its exceptional construction. Made of high-quality outdoor banner material, it is flexible, portable, and durable. Immerse yourself in the world of Eclipse as the playmat adds a visually stunning dimension to your table.

We think this is a fantastic addition to any Galactic civilization game such as Eclipse, as the hex grid help fits perfectly with his tiles and helps many new players.

Also, it has a little help to indicate how to make an even player set-up distribution for different numbers.

Material: Banner Vynil

Size: 62cmx64cm

Quantity: 1

Use: It has a grid that can contain 37 hex, perfect to play any galactic game with hexed tiles.

*Eclipse is a game by Touko Tahkokallio that is the property of Customeeple is not affiliated with this company and they do not endorse this product.

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Eclipse is a game by Touko Tahkokallio published by Asmodee, Asterion Press,, and Ystari Games . Custoomeeple is not affiliated with this companies and this product is not endorsed by them.