Pax Porfiriana deluxe Tokens

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A complete set of deluxe tokens for the game  Pax Porfiriana

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Improve the look of your copy of Pax Porfiriana with this set of deluxe tokens for the game. All the pieces are made in methacrylate and etched in one side with recognizable symbols. The set contains all the pieces needed to play the game except the player cubes.

All the pieces are made in collaboration with Sierra Madre Games to be fully compatible with Phil Eklund game Pax Porfiriana

Our full set contains:

  • 20, value 1 silver coins
  • 10, Value 5 golden coins
  • 5, special silver coins
  • 20, Red Unrest tokens
  • 3, Blue Jailed tokens

As an additional option you can also purchase the coins or the tokens separately. Remember to check all our  line of Products for Sierra Madre games

Material: Methacrylate

Size: Varies

Thickness: 3 mm

Quantity: Varies

Use: Replace you components from Pax porfiriana with this deluxe set


Additional information

Weight 30 g

Complete set (58 units), Coins only (35 Units), Tokens only (23 Units)

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