High Frontier Mega Deluxe Tokens (210 Units)


A complete set of deluxe tokens for the game  High frontier

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Improve the looks of you High frontier boadrgame with this special set of  pieces. They are fabricated in fluorescent methacrylate. notice that instead of the original game pieces they are specific for each game function.

This set is intented to replace all the pieces from the original game except the player rockets. Its compatible for the second edition of the game and the colonization expansion.

Our full set contains, In general pieces for all the players:

  • 1 political track marker
  • 1 solar year marker
  • 18 busted pieces
  • 20 water tokens (value 1)
  • 10 water tokens (Value 5)
  • 5  water tokens (value 10)
  • 5 Asteroid exploration tokens

And in specific pieces for each player, notice that the set contains one copy of them in each of the 5 colors of the game:

  • 6 factories
  • 9 claim tokens
  • 3 bernal spheres
  • 7 colonist pieces
  • 2 outpost
  • 2 freighters, each with a different design
  • 1 impulse marker (in fluorescent red)

All the pieces are made in collaboration with Sierra Madre Games to be fully compatible with Phil Eklund game High frontier

Remember to check all our  line of Products for Sierra Madre games

Material: Methacrylate

Size: Varies

Thickness: 3mm

Quantity: 210 units, 60 general pieces and 5 sets for each player of 30 pieces

Use: Replace you components from High frontier with this deluxe set


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Weight 300 g

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