Pax Renaissance deluxe Tokens (35 Units)


A complete set of deluxe tokens for the game  Pax Renaissance

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Improve the look of your copy of Pax Renaissance with this set of deluxe tokens for the game. All the pieces are made in methacrylate and etched in one side with recognizable symbols.

Our set contains:

  • 28 concession bars (7 for each player)
  • 7 Pirate tokens (3 white, 2 red, 2 black)

Note that you will still need to use the player cubes to represent rebellion in kingdoms, the bars are exclusively intended to be used between the map cards as concessions.

All the pieces are made in collaboration with Sierra Madre Games to be fully compatible with Phil Eklund game Pax Renaissance 

Remember also that you can buy coin sets for this game separately.

Material: MethacrylateSize: Varies

Thickness: 3mm

Quantity: 35 Units

Use: Replace you components from  Pax Renaissance with this deluxe set


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Weight 60 g

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