Myths at war Power tokens (30 Units)


30 power tokens for Myths at war

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A complete set of 30 power tokens to play the card game  Myths at war.This product has been made in collaboration with Francisco Gallego  the game designer of the game, and is an official product for the game.

Each set of token contains 30 units of power tokens needed in the game to indicate the power level of each player.  Also you can buy them in different designs and colours for each of the factions of the game: Aztecs, Nordic, Japanese, Greeks, Egyptian, , old ones, celts,  hindu or  Sumerian. Choose the tokens for you favourite faction and your games will never be the same.


Material: Transparent and fluorescent methacrylate, The colour changes according to the faction

Thickness: 3mm

Size: 15mm diameter

Quantity: 30 tokens etched with the design of your favourite faction

Use: Keep track of your power levels in Myths at war with tokens with a personalized design

Note: The colours of the methacrylate pieces may vary slightly from the photos

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Aztecas, Nordicos, Japoneses, Griegos, Egipcios, Neutrales, Primigenios, Celtas, Hindu, Sumerios, Nativos, Vudú

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