Myths at war Pantheon cards (1 unit)


Pantheon card for Myths at war made in methacrylate and hand painted



Reproduction of an official Pantheon card from Myths at war made on methacrylate etched and hand painted

The pantheon card are the most important card in the game, since they define the strategy of each player. If you are a regular player of one of the pantheon for sure you will love to have a special version to mark your allegiance with it.

Here you can choose any of the versións from the game: Yomi, Tlatocán, Asgard… Our pantheon cards are of the exact same size of the normal cards, but they are made in etched coloured methacrylate.

This product has been made in collaboration with the game designer Francisco Gallego,to match the required specifications for Myths at war

Material: Coloured methacrylate
Thickness: 3 mm
Size: 8,8 x 6,25 mm
Quantity: 1 unit
Use: Pantheon card for Myths at war

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 8.8 × 6.25 × 0.03 cm

Asgard, Atlantis, Duat, Inframundo, Mictlán, Niflheim, Nut, Olimpus, La orden, Takamagahara, Tlálocan, Yomi, Amenoukihashi, K'n Yan, R'lyeh, Irkalla, Esharra, Loka, Naraka, Geb, la isla Celeste, El cruce, Adliden, Ciudad de Kapko

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