Banjooli Xeet Spelled Ostrichmeeples

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Set of 5 Ostrich shaped Meeples with his head buried.

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This product is a luxury complement of our ostrichmeeples for the game Banjooli Xeet.

Give more life to your games of Banjooli Xeet games with the oficial set of ostrich meeples. We create this set with Asylum Games so it will fulfill all the uses in a Banjooli Xeet game.

Each set contains 5 beautiful spelled Ostrichmeeples, hidding his head. they are used in addition to our normal Ostrichmeeples to mark when an Ostrich is spelled in the game. You have the option to buy only the figures of the Ostrich spell, replacing the figure of its base, or buy a new set of ostriches spelled and bases, to place them in the game.

Enhance your game, and win your Banjooli Xeet races with style.

Material: Metachrylate

Thickness: 3 mm

Quantity: 5 Spelled Ostrichmeeples with or without their bases, one in each colour of the game: green, red, yellow, blue, violet. Bases are transparent.

Use: Replace the game chits of the Banjooli Xeet game.

Warning: The basic pack with five ostrichmeeples for Banjooli Xeet game, are not included in this item.

If the bases are purchased: notice, the product is sold unmounted.

Additional information

Weight 40 g

(5) Spelled Ostrichmeeples, (5) Spelled Ostrichmeeples with bases

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