Wasteland PVC Playmat

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Play-mat with Wasteland design.

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This is a play mat with a Wasteland design.

The playmat is made of PVC, a highly durable material and very resistant to scratches.  So it will last long nicely.

We think this is a fantastic addition to any game as a play mat could make the perfect addition to your favourite game.

Chose the size you want and if there is none choose the closest option of the size you want and added in notes the exact size of the playmat you want. due to the process of creating the mat, there could be a 5mm variance in size.

Some common wargame playmat sizes:

Malifaux is played on a 36×36” board
Infinity is typically played on a 120x120cm board
Punkapocalyptic is typically played on a 120x120cm board
Marvel: Crisis Protocol is played on a 36×36″ board
Kill Team is played on a 22×30″ board
Warcry, the Age of Sigmar skirmish game, is played on a 22×30″ board
Warhammer: AOS or 40k are usually played on a 44×60″ board

Print: Your design

Material: pvc

Quantity: 1

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Weight 995 g

less than 1m2, 120x120cm, 120 x180cm, 112 x 152cm, 22×30", 36×36", 48×48", 44×60"