Symbol of authority (50mm) (3 units)


Scenery pieces for  Malifaux Gaining Grounds 2018


A set of scenery pieces that can be used in the gaining grounds 2018 events of the Malifaux 

This include 3 faction markes to accompany the mdf bases.

All the pieces are designed in collaboration with Wyrd games to be perfectly compatible with Malifaux and Gaining grounds

Material: Fluorescent methacrylate and MDF

Thickness: 3 mm

Size: Varies

Quantity: 6 scenery and markers

Use: A fine selection of our tokens for Malifaux Graining grounds 2018.

Note: The colours of the methacrylate pieces may vary slightly from the photos. The products are sold unmounted and unpainted you may need glue to assemble them.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Malifaux Factions

Arcanist, Gremlins, Neverborn, Outcast, Resurrectionists, Ten Thunders, The Guild

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