Murabid Tuaregs (Hacker)


Infinity miniature.

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Murabids are the desert peoples, the men of the dunes. They serve in the Haqqislamite army as forward scouts. Their members are Badawis from the Taba region, nomads of the sands that maintain the Berber culture. They can be distinguished by their thin frames and dune gear: things like water recyclers, bandoliers and flexible boots. Tuaregs feel at home in the desert, and appreciate that it is a clean, pure, and dangerous place; an unforgiving place. It is their philosophy that, to survive the desert, you must become part of it, not its enemy. There is a measure of stoicism in them, and it makes their will unbreakable. You will never see them cower when the situation becomes catastrophic; on the contrary, terrible prospects only make them buckle down to see the operation through. But their principal quality is their talent for stealth. When the Tuaregs move across the sands they are completely silent, their outlines blurred by the billowing of clothes in shadow, like ghostly shrouds that dissolve into the landscape.

Blister with:

  • 1x TUAREG Hacker (Assault Hacking Device)(Rifle + Light Shotgun)

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