Infinity faction Megapack (40 Units)


A full set of all our tokens for Infinity  specifically designed for one of the game factions


A complete pack with all the pieces from our line of Infinity the game  products  (Orders tokens, Status markers, Camo silhouettes) All the markers and tokens are engraved with the specific logo for the faction you choose. Get all here instead of buying them individually.

All the pieces are designed in collaboration with Corvus Belli to be fully compatible with Infinity the game.

This complete set includes:

  • 21 units of Order tokens (10 Green, 5 Yellow, 5 Magenta, 1 Blue)
  • 14 units of Status tokens (4 Prone, 4 Unconscious, 3 Wound, 1 Leader, 1 Out of ammo, 1 Isolated)
  • 5 units of Faction Camo Silhouettes  (Note: in Tohaa faction some camo may be duplicated among 3 models. Also you could chosee between two different ariadna versions)

This product also comes with five acrilic bases (unmounted) to use with the silhouettes.

Material: Fluorescent Methacrylate (some colours varies according to faction)

Thickness: 3 mm

Size: Varies (see specific product for details)

Quantity: 40 pieces (21+14+5)

Use: A full set for your favourite  Infinity faction.

Note: The product photo mixes pieces from different factions but you will receive all the pieces specific for the faction you choose.

Additional information

Weight 75 g


Infinity Factions

ALEPH, Ariadna, Ariadna with v2 Silhouettes, Combined Army, Haqqislam, Nomads, Panoceania, Tohaa, Yu Jing, JSA, O-12

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