Krosbattle Eyes (4 units)


Pack of pieces compatible with games as Krosmaster Arena

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Our Krosbattle Eye pack contains Eye shaped methacrylate pieces compatible with any strategic fighting game such as Krosmaster Arena, perfect to mark the extra range of the characters. Remember that you could also buy our Boxed pack to complete your game.

The pack includes:

  • 2 + Eye tokens
  • 2 – Eye tokens

All the pieces in this set are compatible with the game Krosmaster Arena

Material: Green Fluorescent Methacrylate

Thickness: 3 mm

Size: 1,5 x 1,5 cm

Quantity:  4 pieces

Use: Eye tokens to be used as flashy playing pieces in any strategy fighthing game

NoteKrosmaster Arena is a game designed by Murat Célebi and Nicolas Degouy published by Ankama. Customeeple is not affiliated with this company and this product is not endorsed by them.

Note: the colours of the methacrylate pieces may vary slighty from the photos


Additional information

Weight 20 g

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