Infinity Deployment Zone markers (9 units)


Mark the location and radius of your E/mauler in Infinity the game


Our Deployment Zone for Infinity the game are designed to help you indicate the deployment zones, exclusion zones and middle line to make easier to see for booth players.

The pack includes:

  • 6 – Line deployment markers.
  • 3 – Center deployment markers.


You can choose the colours of the acrylic pieces. Remember that If you are not sure about what colour choose for your pieces you can consult our materials page

All the pieces are made in collaboration with Corvus Belli to be fully compatible with Infinity the game.


Material: Fluorescent Methacrylate

Thickness: 3 mm

Size:  40 mm  long each

Quantity: 9 units

Note: Miniatures and scenery not included

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Methacrylate Colors

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