Descent: Legends of the Dark compatible Insert


Game trays and organizer for descent legends of the dark


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This is a Game insert and organizer designed to fit inside the Descent: Legends of the Dark (2021) It contains 9 elements to maintain all the pieces in order and easy to access.

In the top box, there are 7 trays that should be assembled above the miniature box, Here you can hold all the player components, all the cards, tokens and dice.

In the down box, you need to remove the cardboard insert to fit a bottom layer that kept all the cardboard scenery in place and over it there is a tray to hold all the board pieces and some more scenery.

The insert fits perfectly on the box but you need to get rid of the cardboard insert of the bottom part.

Assembly is required, you need to glue the boxes with white glue.

Material: MDF

Thickness: 2,5 mm

Quantity: 9 trays

Descent: Legends of the Dark (2021) is a game published by Asmodee. Customeeple is not affiliated with this company and this product is not endorsed by them.

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Weight 1995 g

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