Grid Counters


Use this counters with our custom grid to keep track of different game stats


Use this counters with our custom grid to keep track of different game stats: red heart for Hit points, green potion for Potions left, yellow thunder for Magic points… They come in many different shapes and colours, us the ones you need for your preferred game.

You can use them with many boardgames to keep track of VP but this product shines when used with RPGS or Adventure Boardgames with a lot of stats to keep track like: Descent, Legends of Andor or Merchant of Venus

If you need any special colour or design, please contact us.

Material: MethacrylateThickness: 3mm

Size: 1 cm wide (maximum)

Use: Use the combination you want to keep track of any stats.

Quantity: 1 Unit, be aware that you are buying only one of the tokens of the photo, the other tokens and base grid  in the photo are not included.

Note: this product is not a standalone, you have to combine it with our Custom Grid to create your personalized option for the game you want.


Descent is a game by Kevin Wilson, Merchant of venus is a game by Richard Hamblen both published by Fantasy Flight games, Legends of Andor is a game by Michael Menzel published by KOSMOS. Customeeple is not affiliated with this companies and this product is not endorsed by them.

Additional information

Weight 1 g

Heart, Potion, Gun, Head, Cross, Skull, Bullet, Lightning, Check, Nut, Sun, Person, Eye, Sights, Moon, Skulls, Drop, Fire, Star, Diamond, Bag, Flag

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