Sleeve Set for Star Wars Shatterpoint


Tray to help you with the game.

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Sleeve Pack perfect for Star Wars: Shatterpoint

It includes:

  • 110 Sleeve King XXL Super Large Card Sleeves (101.5 x 153 mm) for the character Cards.
  • 220 Sleeve King WOTR Card Sleeves (70x120mm) for the Initiative Cards and the Damaged Carts

Thickness:  60microns, 50% thicker than a standard thickness of Mayday.

Be prepared to sleeve all the cards of the game or share this pack with a friend.

Material: Acrylic

Quantity: 1

Use: Protect all the game cards

Star Wars Shatterpoint (2023) is a game from Atomic Mass Games. Customeeple is not affiliated with this company and they do not endorse this product.

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Weight 410 g

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