Paleo game Compatible Insert | Organizer


A sturdy game insert to organize components


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This game insert is designed to fit inside the Paleo box so you can adequately order all the components that came with the game and a couple of expansions

In order for the organizer to fit into the game box, the original cardboard insert must be removed.
This set offers space for all content from the “Paleo” base game and the “A New Beginning” expansion.
The cards from the mini-expansions “The Birds of Terror” and “The Rite of Initiation” also fit here.
The box for cards accepts sleeved cards.
Card separators are included for sorting the cards in the cardholder.
The token holders are stackable.

The set includes:
1 MDF card holder with 3 compartments for playing cards.
1 MDF box for damage and especial tokens
1 MDF box for resource tokens
1 MDF box for tiles

The insert was created with the Spanish edition of the game which has a space inside the box of 28,6 x28,6 x 6.9, if you are unsure if our insert is going to fit write to us 

Insert for other games could be built on request. Just contact us.

Material: MDF

Thickness: 2,5 mm

Quantity: 10 boxes

Paleo is a game from Peter Rustemeyer published by Hans im Glück. Customeeple is not affiliated with this company and they do not endorse this product.

Note: This insert is sold unassembled you will need glue to assemble it

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Weight 700 g