Nomads single Camo silhouettes (1 unit)


Silhouettes for camouflaged miniatures for the Nomads Faction from Infinity the game



Our official Camo silhouettes for Infinity the game  are intended to be used with the Infinity miniatures which can hide themselves leaving only a blip on the radar. This pieces are designed in collaboration with Corvus Belli to be fully compatible with Infinity the game .

A single camo silhouette for the Nomads Faction, you can choose the shape of each silhouette individually. They are modelled to represent  various camouflaged miniatures from the from the Nomads Faction: Intruders, Prowlers, Zeros and they are of the same height as them so you can easily check if the miniature is in cover with no need to switch the marker, but remember that each specific silhouette doesn’t have to represent the actual miniature is inspired on. A nice twist to play mindgames with your opponent.

This product comes with his Infinity base (unmounted) to use with the silhouette.


Material: Magenta Fluorescent Methacrylate

Thickness: 3 mm

Size: Varies according to the size of the miniature is inspired on.

Quantity: 1 silhouette and his infinity base.

Use: Use as Camouflage markers for your Infinity miniatures.



This post is also available in: Spanish

Additional information

Weight5 g

Spektrs, Intruder, Prowler, Zero E Mauler, Spektr Multi Sniper Rifle, Bran do Castro, Spektrs Combi, Spektrs Hacker, Zero Hacker, Intruder Multi Sniper, Intruder HMG, Prowler ADHL, Prowler Spitfire, Intruder Sniper (Beyond Icestorm), Heckler Combi rifle, Spektrs Boarding shotgun, Heckler Jammer Fast Panda, Bandit Hacker, Bandit Boarding Shotgun

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