Malifaux Boxed set “GENCON NIGHTMARE CREW Edition” (69 Units)


A fine selections of our tokens for Malifaux presented in a nice storage box.

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A special edition of our boxed set with a pony theme. Its intended to be used with the 2018 Gencon special “nightmare crew edition” version of Ulix

The pack includes:

  • 7 “Cutie Mark” Soulstone markers
  • 5 “Happy Poo” Scheme markers 
  • Poison Potion markers
  • 3 Burning Potion markers
  • 5  Death Unicorn Corpse markers (Red fluor)
  • 2 Blood trail markers
  • 2 “Cutie pie” Tasty markers
  • 8 “Trot”Activated markers (Smoke trans)
  • 3 “Gallop” Reactivation markers (Orange Fluor)
  • 4  Cotton Candy Cloud Flip markers: 2 positive (Green fluor) & 2 negatives (Red fluor)
  • 16 Glitterous Wound markers (8 small, 4 mediums, 4 big) (Red fluor)
  • Fast & Focus markers (Yellow fluor) 
  • Slow & Defensive stance (Blue fluor)
  • Paralyzed markers
  • 1  Plastic box etched with a lovely lovely pony logo.

All the pieces are designed in collaboration with Wyrd games to be perfectly compatible with Malifaux.

Material: Fluorescent methacrylate & Free pvc plastic.

Thickness: 3 mm

Size: Varies

Quantity: 69 pieces, including the box.

Use: A fine selection of our cat tokens for Malifaux.

Note: The colours of the methacrylate pieces may vary slightly from the photos.

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Weight 250 g

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