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A sturdy game insert for 25,4 x 25,4 x 4,8 cm boxes


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This is Game extra is designed to fit 3 decks of cards and a place to left the stones that are used in KEYFORGE,  you can have in the deck, discard pile and the archive perfectly in place and have all the markers in place.

The tray also has 4 holes to put vertically the key that you already forged and the Archon card.

it includes 4 felt pieces to protect your card on the place.

you can choose to buy this item on to options mounted Black acrylic with red felt or un-mounted brown wood MDF and red Felt.


Material: MDF un-painted and un-mounted or Black Acrilic

Thickness: 2,5 mm

Size: 24,9 x 24,9 x 4,6 cm

Quantity: 1 tray



KEYFORGE  is a game published by Fantasy Flight Games. Customeeple is not affiliated with this company and this product is not endorsed by them.

Additional information

Weight 450 g

unglued MDF, Black Acrilic

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