Keisotsu Butai


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The post-Uprising Japanese society, so strongly influenced by the kuge orthodoxy that exalts bushi warriorship and its devotion to self-betterment, offers few avenues of social advancement more expedient than military service. For those on the lower rungs of the socioeconomic ladder, the most practical enlistment options are the Keisotsu Infantry (Butai) regiments. The Keisotsu are the backbone of the Nippon armed forces and the crux of their operational doctrine. The word Keisotsu is a title of honor that translates as ‘excellent soldier,’ a credit to the level of commitment expected of these foot soldiers.

Mindful of their pivotal role in the defense of their nation, Keisotsu are eager to risk their lives on the front-lines, always under the command of their bushi superiors. And risk their lives they do, given the staggering casualty rates suffered by Keisotsu regiments deployed in one ‘hot spot’ after another. But new recruits know the risks are not without their rewards: the unparalleled honor of serving their Emperor and cham­pioning the cause of their nation’s freedom and—equally importantly—guaranteed social promotion for as long as they survive the gauntlet of fire.

Box with:

  • 1x Keisotsu (HMG)
  • 1x Keisotsu (ML)
  • 1x Keisotsu (Hacker)
  • 1x Kempeitai (Shock Marksman Rifle)

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