Infinity Giant Order tokens Set (21 units)


Set of order tokens designed for Infinity the game


Official set of Giant order tokens specially designed for Infinity the game . Carved with the logo of your favourite faction or sectorial: ALEPH, Panoceania, Yu Jing… Mark your actions using pieces with the official Infinity faction logos.

The set comes with enough order tokens to match most army configurations with variable colours to represent different orders:

  • 10 Green- regular
  • 5 Yellow-irregular
  • 5 Magenta-impetuous
  • 1 Blue-lieutenant 

All our pieces are designed in collaboration with Corvus Belli to be completely compatible with Infinity 



Material: Fluorescent Methacrylate

Thickness: 3 mm

Size: 22 x 25 mm.

Quantity: 21 units (10 green, 5 yellow, 5 magenta, 1 blue)

Use: Mark your orders on Infinity the game


Note: Miniatures not included. The image is an example of colour and faction, but the quantity is the described in the text.


Additional information

Weight 65 g

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