HATE Compatible Map overlay (1 Unit)


Overlay for HATE.

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One transparent methacrylate overlay with an MDF add on to keep your game pieces tidy and safe and make the games easier to play. Keep your pieces safe from occasional table earthquakes!

A single overlay compatible with the game HATE. Is intended to be used in a campaign map to keep track of which tribe has each territory the MDF piece is used as a base so you can store the map with the changes in the box from session to session.

The product includes a set of 30 acrylic markers (5 in 6 different colours) you can glue the transparent pieces with the coloured in order to create two sided pieces easy to remove from the map each time you play.

The tray fits perfectly with the player mats and cubes for each player from the game HATE.

Material: Transparent methacrylate and MDF.

Thickness: 4,5 mm

Quantity: 1 overlay + 1 add on + acrylic markers.

Note: the product is sold unmounted, you will need glue for the MDF add on and the acrylic pieces if you want to mount them.

HATE is a game published by CMON limited. Customeeple is not affiliated with this company and this product is not endorsed by them.

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Weight 400 g

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