Hakims, Special Medical Assistance Group


Infinity miniatures.

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They call us ‘Hakim’, a word that means ‘sage’ in our language, because we’re physicians—no wisdom is more valued than the knowledge to save a life and heal a body. Our oath as doctors is to apply that knowledge, to alleviate and to mend. We’re so comprehensively trained because, once we’re on the ground, every choice is a matter of life and death—there’s no margin of error, no second chances.

Just remember that, though we may be trained as a commando force, we’re not conquerors. We bring forth protection and succor, not ruination. We form a special search and rescue unit: a shield held high, a hand proffered amidst the tempest and the darkness. The Sword of Allah has seen fit to entrust us with that honor, and we uphold it with pride and, make no mistake, with a tremendous sense of responsibility. We are not aggressors, but nothing shall keep us from our duty. Any who would stand between us and our life-saving mission is our enemy, and they shall learn just how seriously we take our job. This lesson we will teach swiftly and conclusively, for the hand that can mend could just as easily rend.

Box with:

  • Hakims (Boarding Shotgun)
  • Hakims (SMG)
  • 2x Nasmat

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