IGR Insert (24,6 x 16,7 x 4,4 cm)


A sturdy game insert for 24,6 x 17,2 x 4,4 cm boxes


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Are you tired of the air of the game boxes?,  games that comes with annoying inserts instead of a handy one? This is your solution! buy your own insert that you can customize for yourself. Never again will the pieces rumble thought the box, or you can also keep organized all you cards from a card game.

This insert separates the box interior in 2 columns of 9,2 cm, and one of 4,4 cm we include 5 separators perfectly compatible with the insert. 6 for the exterior colums and 2 for the interior one.

Note: Check that your game box has the sufficient space for this game insert (box interior size 24 x 16,7) this format is compatible with games such as Glory to rome Black Box edition. Insert for other sizes could be built on request contact us

Note: Please note that the height of the insert is a bit higher than the box. The insert with stand out a little from it, but the lid will cover it nicely.

Material: MDF

Thickness: 2,5 mm

Size: 24 x 16,7 x 6,9 cm

Quantity: 1 Insert and 8 dividers.

Use: A game insert for 24,6 x 17,2 x 4,4 cm boxes.

Glory to rome Black Box edition is a game designed by Carl Chudyk and Ed Carter published by Cambridge games. Customeeple is not affiliated with this company and this product is not endorsed by them.

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Weight 450 g

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