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A sturdy game insert to organize components


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Welcome to the perfect complement for your Frostpunk game! This wooden insert is specifically designed to meet the needs of polar cold lovers. With our extensive experience designing efficient and affordable organizers, we are confident that this insert will be a valuable addition to your gaming experience.

Quality is our top priority, so we ensure that our products are durable and reliable. This insert is made of high-quality MDF and is designed to keep your components organized and accessible during gameplay.

Installation is quick and easy thanks to the detailed instructions included. With just a little white glue, you can have your insert ready to use in no time. Once installed, you’ll notice a significant improvement in setup and gameplay experience.

This organizer includes:

  • 1 box for crater edges and other large stage pieces.
  • 2 boxes with a curved bottoms for all the markers used during gameplay: 1 for citizens and automatons, and another for all resources.
  • 1 box for all basic buildings with specific slots for each building that fits exactly with the game’s building board.
  • 1 box for buildings that depend on laws. 1 box for buildings that are dependent on scenarios or special events.
  • 2 boxes in which you can store the rest of the markers you need to have on hand during gameplay.

In addition, the insert protrudes 1 cm from the base box so that it will project the box top 1cm.

It is important to check the size of your box before purchasing to ensure that the organizer is compatible with your edition of the game. This organizer is designed for a box of 318x318x140mm.

Remember, this wooden insert is sold separately and does not include any other game components. It comes flat-packed and ready for assembly.

In summary, if you are looking for a way to enhance your Frostpunk gameplay experience, look no further. This wooden insert is the perfect solution to keep your components organized and accessible during gameplay. Get yours today!

Insert for other games could be built on request. Just contact us.

Material: MDF

Thickness: 2,5 mm

Quantity: 8 boxes

Frostpunk: The Board Game (2022) is a game from Adam Kwapiński published by Glass Cannon Unplugged. Customeeple is not affiliated with this company and they do not endorse this product.

Note: This insert is sold unassembled you will need glue to assemble it

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Weight 700 g