Fantasy movement trays

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Movement trays for fantasy games


With this movement trays you will mover easier you regimental miniatures in the game table. Just places the minis on the tray and move it as it they were a single base.

The trays  can be bought in several sizes. Perfect to be used in any game with rectangular bases like Warhamer AOS, Kings of war, DBA…

Note that the product is sold unassembled. You will need PVA glue to mount it.

Material: MDF

Thickness: 2,5 mm

Size: Varies

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Tray Size

100×40 mm, 100×50 mm, 100×60 mm, 100×80 mm, 100×100 mm, 120×40 mm, 120×50 mm, 120×80 mm, 120×100 mm, 125×25 mm, 125×50 mm, 125×100 mm, 125×150 mm, 125×200 mm, 140x120mm, 140×60 mm, 150×50 mm, 150×60 mm, 150x100mm, 150x125mm, 200×40 mm, 200×50 mm, 200×80 mm, 200×120 mm, 250x25mm, 250x50mm, 250x100mm, 300x100mm, 300x200mm, Special 10 Skirmishers, wedge 6 bases (90×180 mm)