Fantasy Football Playfield


A full board for Fantasy Football matches

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A full Pitch for your fantasy football games. The field its composed of different 5mm MDF sheets that all together creates a game surface of 88,5 x 51 cm, 8 full sheets plus 4 scoring zones.

All the sheet are etched with squared spaces of 3,4 x 3,4 cm enough for 30 mm miniatures the same size as the current Bloodbowl board from the last edition.

Improve the quality of your matches using our Fantasy Football line of products. You can add them to any Fantasy Sport games

This board is compatible with fantasy football games such as Blood bowl.

Material: MDF

Thickness: 5 mm

Size: 88,5 x 51 cm

Quantity: 1 units

Use: Perfect for any fantasy sports game

Blood bowl. is a game by Jervis Johson published by Games workshop. Customeeple is not affiliated with this company and this product is not endorsed by them.

Note: This product is sold unpainted and unmounted.

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Weight 2100 g

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