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The best wet palette to paint miniatures:  Painter: Starter Pack

Available now in a simpler more affordable Starter Pack with everything you need to get started. Pro Painters love it, Everlasting is the only palette certified to work amazingly!

Best in class paper and foam, with a perfectly designed case will help beginners and veterans alike improve their painting experience in no time.

Best hydration system
No overflowing No bleeding
Extend your space
The lid is a multi-purpose side tray
Master advanced painting technics
Start & Stop at will
You can stop painting for a few minutes, hours or days
Worry free
Mold resistant foam, ABS case
Effortless setup
It works straight out of the box

1 Everlasting wet palette painter (15x20cm) (5,9″ x 7,9″)

15 sheets of hydration paper

1 hydration foam pad

1 strap band

Additional information

Weight 550 g

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