Battle Hive Set Kill team (46 Units)


A complete lot of our Post apocalyptic/industrial markers


Our Battle Hive products provide a variety of pieces for your games of industrial or futuristic warfare. Its generic industrial iconography can help to mark and represent many situations in any game.

Here you can find a complete set of our Battle Hive markers at a very special price. The pack contains:

  • Damage Markers x5
  • Sprint Markers x5
  • Charge Markers x5
  • Targeting Markers x5
  • Demoralised Markers x5
  • Stunned Markers x5
  • Moved Marker x5
  • Used Marker x5
  • Objective Markers x6

The colour of the pack it’s fixed and its the same as in the image. This pieces will fit perfectly in the game Kill Team

Material: Methacrylate

Thickness: 3 mm

Size: 2 x 2 cm

Quantity: 46 Markers

Use: Markers for Industrial/Post Apocalyptic games

Kill Team is a game  published by Games Workshop Customeeple is not affiliated with this company and this product is not endorsed by them.

Note: The colours of the methacrylate pieces may vary slightly from the photos.

Additional information

Weight 60 g

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