Aristeia! Team identifier (4 units)


Team identifiers for Aristeia!

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Aristeia! is the new sports game by Corvus Belli, a MOBA-style tabletop game that allows two players to take the role of competition team managers in the greatest visual show of the Human Sphere.

This set included 4 acrylic half hexes. You can use them to identify the member of your Aristeia! team. Not more trouble with twin Gatas.

The rings are compatible with all our sets of Aristeia! thematic bases

  • Panoceania
  • Aleph
  • Hexes
  • Nomads
  • MERC

You can chose the colour of the rings among different acrylic colours to differentiate your team.

The product is an official product, designed in collaboration with Corvus Belli to be fully compatible with Aristeia! the game

Material: Fluorescent Acrylic

Thickness: 2,5mm

Quantity:  4 rings

 Note: The colour of the methacrylate may vary slightly from the photos.

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Base Stand

Basic (MDF), Green (MFGR), Orange (MFOR), Red (MFMA), Blue (MFBL), Yellow (MFYE)