Agent Crane Giraldez base top


A base for the special miniature Agent Crane  Included in the book Angel Giraldez´s Masterclass v2 


A special Infinity base designed  to fit the special miniature Agent Crane  Included in the book Angel Giraldez´s Masterclass V2

Our base tops are perfect to enhance the bases of your Infinity miniatures  and had been designed by Angel Giraldez.

Replace the standard base with this special base top etched with a special design. Glue it onto your Agent Crane base to make it look exactly like the official photos or just use it with any miniature in your collection you want to highlight.


Material: MDF and HDC

Thickness: 2,5 mm

Size: 25 mm

Quantity: 1 base

Use: Use it as base for Infinity miniatures.

Note: The miniature is not included. Glue is required to assemble the  pieces.


Additional information

Weight 5 g

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