Age of Steam Deluxe Overlay


Overlay for Age of Steam


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Introducing our Age of Steam Deluxe Overlay – the perfect solution for keeping your game pieces organized and secure while enhancing your gaming experience.

No more worries about accidental table bumps disrupting your game – our transparent acrylic overlay ensures your game pieces, especially those crucial cubes, stay in place.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with the player mats and cubes of Age of Steam Deluxe, this overlay simplifies gameplay, allowing you to focus on strategizing and enjoying every moment of your gaming sessions. Elevate your gaming with our Age of Steam Deluxe Overlay today!

Material: Acrylic

Thickness: 3 mm.

Quantity: 1 overlay.

Age of Steam (2002) is a game John Bohrer, and Martin Wallace published by Warfrog GamesCustomeeple is not affiliated with this company and they do not endorse this product.

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Weight 110 g