Adepta Sororitas Arco-Flagellants


Games Workshop miniatures.

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Arco-flagellants lope alongside faithful armies in packs, their lash-like limbs whipping back and forth as they follow their priestly masters to battle. When the enemy is sighted, they are driven into a frenzied killing rage by a potent cocktail of adrenal stimulants and neural kill-signals, whereupon they hurl themselves into battle with no thought for self-preservation or restraint. Hacking and slashing with cyber-implanted flails, pneu-mattocks and cleavers, they fight on dementedly until there is nothing left of their foes but a pile of mutilated corpses.

Each Arco-flagellant is ‘armed’ with a pair arco-flails (well, they’ve been grafted on, so they have no choice really!). There are two different head, left arm and right arm options for each body, including a specific combination enabling you to make the classic Arco-flagellant, Damien 1427.

The kit comprises 94 components and comes supplied with 10x Citadel 25mm Round Bases.

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