We are Celacanto, Cabalier and Tayga, 2 graphic and web designers and a podcaster and history teacher, but mostly 3 avid boardgame players that together decided to create a new website that could join both their professional profile and the games that they play.

We are 3 active people with a lot of experience in the professional world and we want to transform this experience to improve  your game life.

Our philosophy its to keep our working process as simple and fast as possible to ensure efficiency and easiness to our customers and also ourselves .

We believe in direct communication you can contact with us through email or social networks (Facebook, Twitter…) and we try make video demonstrations for our products to ensure transparency and good communication.

To ensure fully personalized products we don’t work with stocks. That’s why in our web you can find useful products for the most popular games in the market, but also we can design a fully customized product for that game you love. Just fill our simple contact form and explain your idea (Game part, colour, shape, size, material…) We will give you a budget and create it as close as possible to your original idea. We promise to contact as soon as we can.

Our professional design department has a wide experience in games. This always help to accomplish even the most difficult tasks. So don’t be shy and ask anything you could imagine. If it can be done, we can do it!