Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Select one of the above questions to find out it’s answer. If you still have any doubt, write us!

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Dear Friend. Buying in Customeeple its very easy just following some simple steps. In fact you don't have to register, we will only ask your personal data when you finish your order. to send you the fantastic products you had bought here.

Just start to fill your basket! But notice that if you are going to be a regular customer maybe its a good idea to create an account in our web to not have to fill all your data every time you buy something from us.

Dont worry. We assure you that your personal data will be stored in our database and be used only to send your orders or contact you to speed or finish the proccess.

But your bank data will be never stores here and you will have to introduce it every time you make and order. You can make your payment using a credit card or even with the secure payment platform Paypal

If even so you don't want to give any data you can always pay us using a bank transfer to our account.

If you have any doubt you can check our Privacy statement, but in short words, what we say is that we NEVER will use your data for anything not related to customeeple, In fact its hard for me to think in to use them in any other way.

Nope, dont worry just email us to and we will send you your password

Er... well, its a new word, or maybe more correct: an abbreviation... meaning “my people” It’s referred to the game pieces that resembles vaguely to something: people, cows, ships...

Well, Ii'm an octopus from the seas of course, I'm also blue and very proud of it.


Well you have to realize that we are not only an online shop. We are manufacturers and we don't work with stocks. In fact when you order a product from us it doesn't exist yet!

When you place your order we put it in our work queue and it will be produced as fast as we can.

But you order may take a while to be produced and shipped depending on the current workload. Please be patient as soon as your order is shipped you will receive a confirmation mail.

If your order its going smoothly his status would be “processing” if you visit the section “my orders” you can follow the status of your orders in real time.

Remember also that you need to be registered in our web to do so.

In addition to this you will always receive in your mail one confirmation message when your order is shipped

Dont worry, we ship anywhere in the world. Just complete your order and select the shipping option you want.

Take in consideration that shipping cost to your country could be more expensive, and that if there is some kind of import tax in your country we wont take charge of it.



Normally our products are built by a standardized laser cut/print process, but they are made in short runs. Its possible that occasionally you can find small differences in the methacrylate colours but they will never affect the use or quality of the materials.

I see that you are very observant. You are correct, our boards are different (like me ) The standard board are made in a process that its very costly if used only for smalls runs, so with the idea of giving our clients a good price, thinking that you will usually only want one unit of each board we found another material to use with a similar quality. The board its covered with matt laminated vinyl , completely waterproof, if by any chance you drop liquid on it you can dry the board and keep playing.
The interior its made of a resistant material, you can use it even if you are an octopus.


Say no more! Although in Customeeple we work with our own products, we will be glad to hear your ideas. We are designers but also gamers and we wont look at you like you were a weirdo if you ask for anything strange. Just contact us using this form, as we will see what we can do.

You put the ideas and we put our tentacles and workforce and we will see what can we do.

Before anything think twice every aspect of your idea. Even we would recommend you not to write us just after having it. Think for 10 minutes and after that fill the form. Try to be as specific as you can in all aspects (shapes, dimensions, materials...) and you will save some emails.

And don't be shy to ask for anything out of normal. I have seen everything under the sea. If something is not possible we will tell you, but let us judge that.

Normally no. In customeeple we make generics bits. Some of them could be easily used in many commercial games. If we hold any relationship with any publisher we clearly indicate it in the product.

Wait a moment! Its great that you also like blue, but notice that in Customeeple we cannot print nothing that its not designed by us, adapted or rights free. In short words we cannot copy complete games or very specific components. Making so will put us in legal problems.


Currently we have three ways of delivering our products

Agency Courier : Our standard and secured shipping method. The arrival time may vary depending on your location.

Correos Express/Certified: This is our standard shipping inside Spain, secured and certified, but that can also be used for orders outside our country. For small orders it can be more affordable for orders from abroad than our Courier shipping but it will be also slower.

Correos economy shipping: Slower than the previous one but cheaper. Notice that this is an unsecured method of shipping and does not have any tracking, so we won´t take charge if the package is lost of suffers any damage during the transportation.

If you want to buy something valuable maybe it will be best to use our Agency courier shipping

Local pickup: Thought we normally dont offer it in the web if you happen to be in our local town we are always glad to see our customers and have a little chat. Just contact us before making the order.

The easiest way to calculate them is to fill you cart and checkout. Dont worry before completing your order the different shipping options will appear.

Sure if you haven't pay your order yet just cancel your order and make another one.

if you have already payed and have a change of mind. Please contact us and we will cancel your order and make a refund, but notice that depending on the kind payment you chose maybe you will have to pay some fees.

That should not be by any means the usual, but if in any occasion by our mistake your receive something you didn't asked for, please contact us using the return form.

Customeeple only sells products in good shape and excellent quality, but if exceptionally your receive any product with any damage please contact us.

It will be great if you can provide a photo showing how its the product in order to evaluate it.


Our products are custom made and we try to be very clear with his specifications. showing them on videos (always that its possible) and diagrams. So you can have a final idea of what you will get. According to this, unless you received a damaged product we won't accept returns.

If that its your case and you received a damaged product please contact us as soon as possible using the return form or sending us a mail.

Once you have filled it we will contact you and we will try to correct your problem.

We will always replace any damaged products if it was damaged during the production or it doesn't meet our production standards

If the products where damaged during shipping we will only take charge and replace the broken items if you selected a secure shipping method for your order. "Correos certified shipping" or "GLS"

If the product its defective you can return it with any problem. But notice that the orders have to be returned in a 15 days period starting the day you receive it.

If that its your case please contact us using the return form or sending us an email as soon as possible.

Free shipping for order above 60.00