Tech Bee & Crabbot Ancillary Remote Unit


Infinity miniatures.

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TAG regiments—bona fide titans on the battlefield—form the vanguard of any PanOceanian ground strike. But even these formidable war machines couldn’t get far without a correspondingly impressive force of auxiliary teams to keep them serviceable in the thick of combat and to clear the way wherever bulk would be a liability rather than an asset; hence the need for our Tech-Bees and CrabBots. The Maintenance Battalion will keep PanOceanian TAG systems—no matter how specialized—always combat-ready and finely tuned. Moreover, the compact, crab-like Ancillary Remote Units can leverage their cutting-edge technology to save the day by allowing TAG pilots to meet their objectives swiftly and efficiently, even in the cramped environments synonymous with modern urban warfare.

Blister with:

  • 1x TECH-BEE (Remote Assistant Level 1, Specialist Operative) (Pistol)
  • 1x CRABBOT (Flash Pulse)

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Weight 50 g

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