Spiral Corps Army Pack (limited edition)

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Infinity miniatures.

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Box contains:

  • 1x Clipsos (Combi Rifle)
  • 3x Reex Escorts (Boarding Shotgun)
  • 2x Draal Saboteurs (AP Marksman Rifle)
  • 1x Taagma Schemer (Combi Breaker Rifle)
  • 1x Kiel-Saan Convert Assault Unit (DA CCW, Shock CCW)
  • 1x Kriigel Agent (Combi Breaker Rifle + Light Smoke Grenade Launcher)
  • 1x Kiuutan Imposter (Combi Rifle)
  • 1x Daedalus Gate Scenery Pack
  • 1x Full color booklet “Spiral Corps Army Pack”
  • Templates and markers

The box include the exclusive Hatail Spec-Ops (Spitfire) Army Pack Exclusive Model!

This post is also available in: Spanish

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Weight 1500 g

This post is also available in: Spanish

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