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The Tohaa are an advanced alien civilization in an open war with the EI and its Combined Army. Custodians of one of the greatest treasures in existence, the Tohaa have resisted the EI’s attacks for longer than any other race in the universe. Tohaa shine in the use of biotechnology, having fearsome viral weapons and tough symbiotic armors, but they are also capable of modifying other races to give them a higher intelligence and make them fight at their direction. Now the Tohaa need allies and humanity seems to be an ideal candidate to act as a buffer in front of the might of the Combined Army.


Kamael Light Infantry

Kamael Light infantry comprises the main combat corps of the Tohaa Trident and is the fundamental support for any combat action, from massive clashes to limited operations.


Sakiel Regiment

There are two main requisites to be part of the Sakiel regiment. The first is to possess combat experience with a good record of frontline actions. The second is to have suffered a personal tragedy.


Ectros Regiment

The Ectros Regiment can boast an excellent combat record, with a length few line units in this arm of the galaxy can equal, as it has participated in all conflicts that its race has suffered through in recent history.


Clipsos Infiltrators

Clipsos Infiltrators make up the Executive Action, infiltration and deep surveillance unit of the Tohaa army. Because of this, inside the structure of the Tohaa Trident they are under the operational control of the Exploration and Intelligence branch.


Box with:


    • 3x KAMAEL (Combi Rifle)


    • 1x CLIPSOS (Combi Rifle)


    • 1x SAKIEL (Viral Combi Rifle)


    • 1x ECTROS (Viral Combi Rifle)


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